Our Programs

Weekend Business Academy

The Summer Business Academy is coming to your cities year-round in a condensed version as the Weekend Business Academy. The Weekend Business Academy is an 8-hour curriculum that is taught by current Harvard students over two days to groups of students anywhere in the country. The Weekend Business Academy is a weekend full of workshopping that teaches students how to pitch their business ideas, perform market research, and generate investment, acting as an excellent preparation mechanism for applying to and participating in the regular SBA program.

Weekend Coding Academy

The Weekend Coding Academy is a comprehensive concentrated curriculum designed to teach high school students the fundamentals of coding. WCA will give students the knowledge, guidance, and resources they need to understand the basic functions of a code as well as creating their own video game in scratch. With different levels available, projects from the weekend range from various programming challenges to creating a multi-page website from scratch. Languages and frameworks covered are Scratch, HTML, CSS, Python 3, Jinja, Flask.

Weekend Politics Academy

The Weekend Politics Academy by Harvard Student Agencies is a policy hackathon founded with the purpose of teaching students the process of coming up with actionable policy recommendations. WPA aims to expose high school students to a practical political education early on in their academic careers. Our model is based on hands-on learning where students are faced with the same challenges high-level political decision makers face everyday. At the end of the program, the groups will present their solutions to the policy challenge in the form of a policy pitch contest and the program ends with an award ceremony where the top policies will receive awards.

Weekend Pre-Med Academy

The Weekend Pre-Med Academy covers various topics within Pre-Med including content modules on genetic inheritance, hormones and organic chemistry. The program also explores case studies on various diseases. Furthermore, this academy will prepare you for a career in medicine by guiding you through the MCAT process, giving you a taste of the journey you will embark on in the near future.